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Corso Conceptual Fashion Design

Negozio Corsi Disegno di Moda – scaricabili tramite Download immediato

In conceptual art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work . when an artist uses a conceptual form of art , it means that all of the planning and decisions are made beforhand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. the idea becomes a machine that makes the art.


                                                                                  “Sol LeWitt”

Contenuto Corso:

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In this tutorial book it is intended to give you an overview of the conceptual fashion design in which the ideas and inspirations could be from an architectural monument , an object or a natural
element , etc,....this collection comprises three sections . every section starts with a mood board containing images with their corresponding key-words . the pictures and keywords help you to improve your sense of imagination and to create something new in a step by step guide. in addition , at the end of collection are provided two mood-boards in order to give you the possibility to design your own accessories and clothes. 
Finally , emphasizing that the understanding and practice of the 
profession of fashion design is one of the most attractive appearance 
art and that my purpose is to instil a sense of enthusiasm , and love 
of the subject , let me simply say : do , learn and enjoy.

Note: This is a step by step Conceptual Fashion Design course which contain clothes & accessories .
The course include


pages : 64 , exercises : 20 Accessories : 8 (bags , shoes , bracelets) 
Template : body template , half body template , accessories Detail design : cuff , collar

.Course Project responsible:

Sina Niay Nouri.........


Prezzo Euro: 50 €

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